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Nowadays the employees of the Institute of Production Engineering teach following subjects:

  • Production and services management,
  • Quality management,
  • Package production technology,
  • Organization of production systems,
  • Materials engineering,
  • Quality control of products,
  • Technological parks,
  • Production process,
  • Quality engineering,
  • Production systems designing,
  • Materials Science,
  • Production and services engineering.

Within the confines of the specializations “Production and quality management” and “Improvement of production and service processes” students attend classes in subjects:

  • Procedures for obtaining quality marks,
  • Quality systems,
  • Processes and products improvement,
  • Cleaner production,
  • Value streams improvement,
  • Interim paper, 
  • Technological Resources,
  • Productive and service processes improvement,
  • Production systems
  • and Diploma seminar.

Within the confines of the specialization “Management in health care” students attend classes in the subject Quality management in health care.

The graduate of the specializations: “Production and quality management” and “Improvement of production and service processes” acquires skills for: solving problems with the quality (using a variety of methods, tools and techniques), the implementation of quality management systems and improvement of production systems. He is prepared to work in production and service companies as leader, for example quality agent, specialist of manufacturing organization.

Within the confines of the Institute of Engineering Production the Science Club “Quality Promoter” is created. The activities of this club focus on expanding knowledge in the field of quality management and analysis of issues relating to quality management in Polish companies. The members of the club are actively involved in many student conferences. Supervisor of the scientific club is Eng. Dorota Klimecka-Tatar, PhD.

The employees of the Institute of Engineering Production during the classes organize for the students different kind of trips to various industrial companies (including Huta Częstochowa, Browary Tyskie, Fiat). They also help students to participate in training in the internal auditors and write articles together with them.